With so many options on the market, how do you know which is the right shoe for you?

Easy! Your first step should always be to go and see a “professional”. One of the largest misconceptions about Independent Running Stores like Pure Performance, is that we are sales people. This could not be more incorrect!

The main difference with independent running stores are that the staff are not only trained but they are practically applied, meaning we are runners too! We have used most of the models on the market and likewise we have suffered from the same injuries and experiences as you. This is where the difference is largely noticed between a specialty running store and the footwear franchise down the road.

Secondly, technology is forever changing and growing. Video assessment in a walking or running capacity is the most specific way to choose your next pair of walkers/runners. The video playback will show you exactly how your feet and lower limbs function naturally in your chosen activity. This imagery paired up with a runners knowledge of biomechanics and products is what helps us narrow down the choices and decipher what is going to work best for you. Alongside video analysis we are also trained to measure feet correctly and we work closely with the medical community to broaden our knowledge of fitting considerations and injuries that can affect shoe choice.

Another piece of the puzzle is what exactly are you looking for? Do you want a training shoe or a racer, do you need more cushioning or support, has a medical professional given you footwear advice, are you running on the road or on the trails, are you currently injured or do you wear orthotics? This information is vital for us to help you pick the right shoe for you. Without all the pieces of the puzzle we are simply playing a guessing game.

Finally, don’t be afraid to come back and talk to us. Too many times customers are left with the wrong footwear for whatever reason, feeling like they have been “stitched up”. If for some reason your new shoes don’t feel perfect, don’t just leave them in the cupboard, come and let us know what you are experiencing. We can make small adjustments to most shoes to give you a better fit, or reduce blisters and friction, we can exchange sizes and widths and ultimately swap the shoes for another choice, we are here to help you.

So if you haven’t visited a specialty running store like Pure Performance then make it your number one priority if you want the best walking/running shoes you have ever had.

Likewise if you have seen us before, keep in mind shoes do wear out, feet and biomechanics can change, and the brands and models are constantly evolving and growing. Maybe it’s time you got reassessed and take your running shoes to a whole new level!