The Fernleigh 15 is one of Newcastle’s premier running events. The event is quite unique in that it is a point to point event along the old railway corridor that joined Newcastle to Lake Macquarie. The course is slightly uphill for the first 5km with a pretty steady downhill section for the next 5km before levelling off for the final 5km stretch.

The 2017 event was the 6th edition. Over the past two years a relay event has been added, which is 5 legs of varied distance with the change overs occurring at each of the stations along the way. This has been a fantastic initiative as it has opened up the event to people who aren’t ready for the entire 15km journey, and has been extremely well supported with 43 teams entering the race in 2017.

This year Pure Performance made a huge effort to be more involved in the event and further engage with our community of fellow runners, we had a number of the team running in the 15km event with Joe, Jordy, Clint and Mel running really well and achieving great results. Sam was a member of The Wooters relay team, who finished 3rd, while Nick, Ryan, Jesse, Nathan and Ben formed a relay team which managed to take the win beating a very talented young group of runners from Angela Leadbeatter’s training group, we are going to have to keep training though if we want to retain our title in 2018 as the Leadbeatter Pain Train are already talking about redemption.

Our owner Jason was also extremely active out on course and you can see his photo collection here.

We hope to see you guys all out and about at the next local Newcastle running event.