The Nike Zoom Fly is a $220, 248g (Men US10) light weight trainer/racer based off the custom made shoes made for the competitors of the Nike Breaking2 Marathon from May 2017.

The shoe features a 33mm stack at the heel and 23mm stack at the toe, giving an ample 10mm heel to toe drop. This heel to toe drop is assisted by a forefoot rocker to help propel the wearer forward during the toe off phase of the running gait.

First impressions: The first feel of the shoe is one that will be very different for Nike lovers like myself. The high level of cushioning is the polar opposite of all other shoes from Nike in this category. This difference means that Zoom Fly provides a stiff but super bouncy ride. I was immediately excited to put it to the test on the road!

The Zoom Fly is heavily cushioned but still super light on the foot. The upper hugs my narrow foot nicely with the upper mouldings to my mid-foot nicely while still allowing enough room for he my toes to spread out and not be crushed while running. The heel counter is firm but not too firm, giving a nice snug fit wearing my standard size.

Performance: The Zoom Fly is fast, snappy and has just enough cushioning to take you from 5km Park Runs right up to the Marathon. However, this shoe is made to go fast! During my first run, the faster I ran the better the shoes felt and responded providing a really quick transition from mid to heel strike all the way to toe off.

The upper held my foot in place very well, even around corners and dodging people on the run. Normally I'm a person who needs a lock lace to achieve this but with the Zoom Fly I didn't need that due to the snug fit of the upper on my foot.

My only negative to the shoe is the weight compared to other shoes in the same category. Sitting around 248g has its advantages in cushioning but the weight was a trade off. This was a risk I was willing to take to see if the cushioning would support my injury prone feet which have experienced half a dozen stress fractures in my lifetime.

Conclusion: Testing the Nike Zoom Fly was a different experience for me after running in lesser cushioning shoes for so long but it has quickly cemented itself as one of my favourite shoes.

The lightweight, highly cushioned aspect of the shoe appeals to me after suffering many overuse injuries. However the additional ability to go fast in the shoes makes me excited to see just how fast I can go in them and still feel fresh after the run as I did through all the testing.

Don't be put in he back foot by the super fast look of the Nike Zoom Fly. This shoe is for everybody not just the elites! From heel strikers who will appreciate the forward propulsion to people searching for better forward lean in their gait to those looking for a fast but nicely cushioned trainer/racer.

I enjoyed the shoes so much in my first couple of runs that you will most likely see me wearing this during the half marathon (which will be my first) at the Winery Running Festival on 16th July.

Available in store or online from Pure Performance.